what we are

Red Chariots Technologies Pvt. Ltd. aims to make Indian roads safe and play a major role in decreasing road accidents. The key objective of the organization is to tap the immense potential of technology and create viable products for Road Traffic Safety and training.

The advanced driving simulator has been specifically designed to fully equip a person to be an intelligent, safe and sensitized driver. The motive is to train the driver's reflexive memory and positively impact their on-road driving skills.



First of its kind Advanced Driving Simulator using Virtual Reality on a motion controlled platform to simulate a real life vehicle with 360° immersive experience.


The brain behind – D V Vinod Gopal, Director and Lead Auditor ISO 39001:2012 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems in India.


In the wake of increasing casualty due to road accidents. As per UN records, India is in the Top 10 countries with highest road accidents.


A meticulous auto-evaluation/adaptive/self-correcting system to augment the on-road skills of existing drivers of four wheeler and eight wheeler automobiles.

The Big Picture

The Core Training Model

Employee Transit Bus

Corporates and Manufacturing companies are greatly responsible for each of their employee’s life. Customized assessment modules for bus drivers help Corporates in ensuring that their employees are transported safely.

Local Transport Bus

Being the most reliable mode of transport for all sections of the society, the bus drivers require utmost care for training and updating their skills often. Specialized assessment modules updated with day to day scenarios on road help drivers to rejuvenate and better their techniques.

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicle drivers, having the maximum experience and the tightest of schedules, are today, one of the least monitored section of drivers who do not have a set system of training before they drive on the highways. Our guided assessment program has been designed in the interest of sensitizing their driving skills and ensuring their safety on roads.

Light Commercial Vehicles

Personal drivers are employed based on their experience and they are on roads for most part of their day. Considering situations like long drawn traffic and tricky navigation through thickly populated areas, our refresher course provides an accreditation for their skills, which will help stabilize their assurance of employment and provide future prospects.


Self Driving calls for being responsible for oneself and for other motorists sharing the road. To refresh the drivers on Indian road rules and road manners by assessing their driving skills, the self-driver test proves to be the perfect warm-up module.

Cab Aggregators

Drivers as a part of cab rental organizations are employed based on their experience and trust alone. To standardize and maintain a high quality of drivers in the roster, the cab driver assessment module will provide a medium of certification.


Ambulance drivers go through extreme pressure and are responsible for both theirs and the patient’s lives. Immaculate training and assessment procedures need to be curated for the betterment of their performance. The Ambulance driver assessment module emulates the scenarios faced every day and helps the driver get acclimatized.

School Bus

Safety is the buzzword, while transporting school children as the drivers have to deal with highly active children, mind their safety inside, while maneuvering in the traffic. To handle a sensitive journey on a daily basis, the School Bus Driver assessment module assists by emulating these situations and help the driver better their skills.

And Much More